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I am really, REALLY good at designing and building websites.  I wish I was good at playing golf or the piano or cooking.  But I’m not.  My talent is creating amazing websites and you can benefit from this talent.

I am a Long Island Web Designer with 20+ years experience in the software industry. I possess a rare combination of technical expertise, a keen eye for design, strong communication skills and the ability to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

I specialize in creating professional, attractive, interesting, and intuitive WordPress sites through theme customization, new theme creation and/or custom plugins and code.

In my career I have built high stakes trading software, telecommunication systems, real-time market software, and numerous applications and websites. This vast technical background provides me with the ability to make sites that are technically sound and will outperform sites created by other developers.

The sites I build are fast, secure, bug-free, mobile-friendly, responsive, SEO optimized, conversion tuned and extremely reliable. But most importantly, the sites I build for you will exceed your expectations and help you turn your website vision into reality.

So while I’ll never be Tiger Woods or Bobby Flay I can build you an amazing website.  Let’s get started.

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